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Your Life. Your Beauty. Your Rules.

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We All Deserve to Feel Beautiful

Aesthetics and Wellness at Veda Med Spa

At our premier aesthetics and wellness-centered med spa, serving Torrance, Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, and the rest of South Bay, beauty knows no bounds. Led by Danielle Ruggiero, PA, a seasoned expert in integrated aesthetics, Veda redefines the med spa experience. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Lomita, CA, Veda is not just an aesthetic center, it's a journey to embrace your unique beauty. Our commitment goes beyond skin-deep, offering personalized and sustainable aesthetic care for all genders, races, and orientations. Join us on this transformative path, where confidence, empowerment, and holistic wellness converge. At Veda, we're here to help you curate your look with expertise, respect, and just the right amount of sizzle.

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Danielle Ruggiero, PA

Founder and Board-Certified Physician Assistant

With nearly two decades of expertise, Danielle Ruggiero PA, the visionary founder of Veda Med Spa, is your guide to personalized aesthetic excellence. Danielle chose a dual path of college and PA studies, graduating as class president from the esteemed Wagner College PA Program in 2006. Having collaborated with NYC's top plastic surgeons and institutions, Danielle brings a wealth of experience to every procedure.

Danielle's passion for art and a love for uniqueness led her to aesthetics, where she focuses on creating sustainable, long-term aesthetic plans. Her commitment to inclusivity is reflected in her national affiliations with organizations like AACS, AmSpa, and ASLMS. Currently pursuing a doctorate in Integrative Wellness, Danielle envisions breaking industry stereotypes and making aesthetics and wellness accessible to all. Beyond her clinical expertise, Danielle is a dedicated mother, community volunteer, and advocate for making beauty a journey for everyone. Join Danielle at her Veda MedSpa, where beauty is not a destination but a rewarding journey that pays dividends for life.

Danielle Ruggiero, PA - Veda Med Spa in Lomita, CA

Dr. Danielle is truly exceptional!

“Dr. Danielle at Veda Med Spa is truly exceptional. I've never felt so genuinely cared for at a med spa before. Instead of feeling like I was being "sold to," I felt deeply valued and supported. I initially visited to learn more about their Medical Weight Loss program with Semaglutide. I was really nervous, but Dr. Danielle answered all of my questions thoroughly. She insisted on getting bloodwork done before committing to anything, which revealed some underlying issues I needed to address. She has been helping me balance my hormones with her Biote program. Over the past three months, I've lost 25 pounds, and I feel happier and healthier. My skin is glowing, and my relationship with my partner has improved thanks to the hormone treatment. I just started her body contouring treatment and I’m already noticing abs! I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. Dr. Danielle is a wonderful person and a stellar professional. I highly recommend her to anyone.” -Anya

Danielle is awesome

“Danielle is awesome and very knowledgeable. I was a bit reluctant to do any type of fillers, etc, but she explained everything so thoroughly that I felt comfortable. I really liked the results and highly recommend this place for a more natural approach.” - Jane

I highly recommend Veda med Spa!

“Danielle is amazing! I just started with injections at age 68. I’m thrilled with the services and expertise so far. Danielle really treats the whole person and is great at explaining what is needed for optimal results. I highly recommend Veda med Spa!” -Dona

I’m THRILLED with the results!

“I recently had microneedling done, and I’m THRILLED with the results! This is also my GO-TO for Botox. All the staff are so welcoming and friendly! Danielle is so knowledgeable and made the process painless. She very detailed and really delivers you the results you came for! I HIGHLY recommend Veda Med Spa for anyone seeking top-notch skincare treatments. I can’t wait for my next visit! :) ” - Tatyana

Danielle is a very experienced, talented provider!

“Danielle is a very experienced, talented provider! Her new space is gorgeous, it’s clean and chic while also feeling cozy. She did my laser and I saw an incredible result I’m so happy!! Will definitely be staying with Danielle for my Botox, fillers, and IPL” - Christina


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Aesthetics For All

The Veda Med Spa Philosophy

Our South Bay med spa is where lifestyle and self-discovery intertwine. At Veda, we believe that true beauty extends beyond physical appearance—it's a reflection of your inner well-being, confidence, and empowerment. Here, beauty isn't a standard; it's a celebration of diversity and individuality. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that improving your appearance is more than a cosmetic change—it's a transformative experience that touches every aspect of your life.

Our diverse clientele, spanning all genders, races, and orientations, is a testament to our inclusive philosophy. We believe that beauty knows no bounds, and our treatments are curated to enhance and celebrate the natural features that make you uniquely you. Our bespoke lifestyle approach ensures that every client feels heard, understood, and valued. From personalized treatment plans to empowering consultations, we embark on a journey with you - one that builds not just radiant skin but also self-esteem, confidence, and a fresh perspective on life. At Veda, we strive to offer a med spa Torrance, Palos Verdes, Lomita, Rolling Hills, Wilmington and the rest of South Bay-Long Beach residents are proud to call their own.

Aging Gracefully

Aesthetics for Veda. Aesthetics for Life.

At Veda Med Spa, we embrace the art of PREjuvenation and REjuvenation—redefining aesthetics for every phase of life. Our approach is rooted in the belief that beauty is timeless, evolving with grace and wisdom. With a commitment to enhancing natural allure and instilling confidence, our tailored aesthetic solutions cater to each unique individual. Aesthetics for Veda signifies more than just a momentary transformation; it encapsulates a lifelong journey toward self-discovery and empowerment.

Whether you're in pursuit of preserving youthful vitality or embarking on a rejuvenating path, our skilled practitioners are dedicated to crafting personalized plans that align with your aesthetic goals. Aging gracefully isn't just about defying the passage of time; it's about embracing the wisdom and experiences that come with it. Our med spa champions the philosophy that beauty evolves, and our comprehensive aesthetic services cater to every stage of life. Step into a realm where the art of PREjuvenation and REjuvenation harmoniously coexist, creating an aesthetic journey that transcends time—Aesthetics for Veda, Aesthetics for Life.

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Make Every Day Beautiful

Holistic AestheticsSkin ResurfacingIPLPRPBotoxWeight Loss

Beauty From The Inside Out

Where Aesthetics & Wellness Meet

Our comprehensive integrated aesthetic services aim to empower you to be your best self. Whether you're looking to rejuvenate, tighten, or enhance your facial features, our skilled team, led by Danielle Ruggiero, PA, ensures a compassionate and customized approach. We believe in beauty that radiates from within, and our integrated aesthetic services optimize your natural allure, offering a range of aesthetic Med Spa treatments tailored to individual skin types and concerns.

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A Modern Take

Skin Resurfacing

Our skin resurfacing solution is suitable for all skin types. This non-invasive procedure addresses a variety of skin concerns, from pigmentation irregularities to fine lines, leaving you with a rejuvenated complexion. We embrace inclusivity, providing effective results for patients of all skin types and tones so you can be your most radiant self.

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Light Of Your Life

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Discover the power of Intese Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, a versatile treatment targeting a spectrum of skin concerns, including sun damage, dark spots on the skin, and vascular issues. Our IPL technology, expertly applied by one of our skilled aesthetic specialists, revitalizes your skin, revealing a more even, youthful complexion. At our Med Spa Torrance area patients can illuminate their skin's potential with this cutting-edge and customizable treatment.

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Regenerate and Rejuvenate

PRP/PRF Treatments

Harness the regenerative power of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) with our rejuvenating PRP/PRF treatments. This natural approach stimulates collagen production, promoting smoother, firmer skin. Tailored to your unique needs, PRP/PRF is a holistic solution for those in the South Bay seeking a natural and sustainable enhancement to their skin's vitality.

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Artfully Enhanced


Reclaim a youthful and refreshed appearance with our Botox treatments. Our approach is not just about reducing wrinkles; it's about enhancing your natural beauty. Experience the transformative effects of Botox, where each injection is artfully crafted to reveal a timeless and confident expression that reflects your inner vitality.

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Sustainable Results

Medical Weight Loss

Embark on a personalized Medical Weight Loss journey at our Lomita med spa serving Torrance, Palos Verdes and beyond, where we offer Semaglutide injections coupled with expert coaching. This isn't a generic weight loss solution; it's a comprehensive program tailored to your unique needs. Our approach focuses on sustainable results, ensuring you achieve and maintain your health and weight loss goals. Start your transformative journey to a healthier, happier you with Veda's Medical Weight Loss program.

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